Social Media Sites to Turn to During Your Job Search

Chances are you are an avid social media user. You know how to post cute pictures of you and your furry friend and your best vacation moments. However, chances are also good that you’ve never thought of using social media in your job search. Social media are a great tool for professional networking and landing… Read more »

Don’t Hire the Wrong Person!

The hiring process takes a great deal of time and resources. You must create a job description, post the opening, sift through countless resumes, and conduct interviews. Hiring the wrong person is the last thing you want to happen. Not only will you have to start the whole process over again, but it might take… Read more »

6 Job Search Mistakes You Don’t Even Realize You’re Making

Making a career change can be time-consuming and exhausting. Here’s a little secret. There are 6 job search mistakes most people make without even realizing it. Let’s take a look at these mistakes and how you can fix them! Including Too Much Information in Your Application Employers are not going to spend a great deal… Read more »

4 People You’re Competing with in Job Interviews

Congratulations! You’ve made it over the first hurdle and are invited to come in for an interview with the hiring manager of your dream job! This is extremely exciting…that is until panic sets in. What kind of candidates will you be up against? How do you best prepare? Let’s talk about the four types of… Read more »

When you see a job listing for a Call Center Agent you’re probably thinking, “call centers are still up and running?”

Customers might prefer to pick up the phone and get immediate help rather than wait around for an email or live chat response. That’s why many companies still have a robust customer-facing team manning the phones. In fact, research shows that Customer Service Representative jobs are set to grow by 36% from 2016 to 2026. Reps have the… Read more »

4 Ways to Give Back to Your Employees

Showing appreciation for hard work is important for the morale of your staff. Giving back to your employees will increase retention rate and improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. The method you choose to give back to your team ultimately depends on what motivates them. Get to know your team and the rewards they… Read more »

When Will I Be Hired Permanently?

Contract assignments are accepted with the understanding they are just that, assignments. However, for some people, there is the hope the assignment will turn into something permanent. If you are seeking a permanent position, how do you go about it? This is your guide to increasing your chances of turning your contract assignment into a… Read more »

What are some dos and don’ts during my assignment?

While you are an employee of Resource Staffing, follow the guidelines in the Employee Handbook. You can access the handbook by logging accessing our website and clicking “Employee Portal”. Follow the Webtime procedures in order to submit your weekly hours. ALL hours must be submitted no later than noon on Monday for the previous week. Should you… Read more »

How to Prepare for Your First Day as a Model Home Greeter

You applied and sent in your resume, you were interviewed by phone, attended a professional model home attendant training session, and are now preparing for your first day as an attendant in an actual model home. This is very exciting!  First days on a new assignment can seem intimidating until you settle into your general… Read more »

Here Are 5 Signs That Your Team is Burned Out

Even the best supervisors will eventually have a team burn out, despite your best efforts. When it does happen, it is time to reevaluate workflow processes. When team members who are typically at the top of their game begin to act otherwise, it might be time to take a closer look at why. Here are… Read more »