When you see a job listing for a Call Center Agent you’re probably thinking, “call centers are still up and running?”

Customers might prefer to pick up the phone and get immediate help rather than wait around for an email or live chat response. That’s why many companies still have a robust customer-facing team manning the phones.

In fact, research shows that Customer Service Representative jobs are set to grow by 36% from 2016 to 2026. Reps have the ability to onboard new customers and help retain them, so it’s a highly valuable position for any company. But, while it may be an important position for a business, you’re probably still wondering if it’s the right job for you.

We’ve all interacted with a call center at some point, but we often don’t know what Call Center Representatives’ daily responsibilities are. So, listed are a few Call Center Agent’s daily functions and responsibilities along with what you should consider if you think a role in phone-based customer service could be right for you.

Working in a Call Center

Call centers act as a fundamental component of customer service teams and often are the primary means of communication between a business and its customers. To work in a call center, you’ll need to be motivated by customer success, not your own agenda. Call Center Agents are tenacious problem-solvers who are committed to enhancing customers’ experience with a company or brand.

Their workday is typically fast-paced and requires them to manage a handful of different responsibilities. Often times, Agents need to be flexible with their shifts, workflow, and unexpected roadblocks.

A few basic duties might include assisting customers across service mediums such as inbound/outbound calls, email or chat lines. Agents communicate and provide solutions by providing the customer with a positive experience. Agents must be able to document, respond, and report any issues to the appropriate department, person or team member.

To accomplish these duties, the Agent must be able to problem-solve, enjoy a fast pace environment, be flexible, and be knowledgeable in conflict resolution while at the same time focused on the caller’s needs and concerns.   Strong typing skills of 45 words per minute or greater, ability to sit for an extended time, and professional telephone etiquette are some skills needed.

If you have previous call center experience, contact a Resource Staffing branch office. Let us use our resources to get to work for you.