Here’s How to Avoid Age Discrimination in the Interview Process

Age is discrimination happens when a candidate is not hired based on their age or an assumption about their skills based on their age without any proof of actual abilities. This can occur to both older and younger candidates and, in most cases, is unintentional. Are you worried about ensuring you eliminate age discrimination when hiring new candidates?

Here’s How You Can Avoid Age Discrimination During the Interview Process

It Begins with Your Application Process

Be careful that your job description and application process does not exclude certain age groups. For example, avoid:

  • Requiring an excessive amount of experience (i.e., 7+ years)
  • Asking the year candidates graduated high school or college (do you need to know this?)
  • Requiring all of a candidate’s work history (ask for only relevant work history. This saves you time when sifting through the job description)

Rank Qualities You Need in a Successful Candidate Before You Begin Interviewing

Specify exactly what you need most in your next team member before you begin interviewing candidates. This will help put you in the right mindset and allow you to focus on the skills that are most important and avoid basing your decision on factors that do not matter such as age, race, and gender.

Avoid Asking Questions That Reveal a Candidate’s Age

While you might be able to tell by appearance the general age of a candidate, you should steer clear of asking questions that will date your candidates. Questions to avoid during an interview include:

  • Directly asking a candidate’s age
  • When candidates graduated from college
  • When candidates graduated high school

Steer Clear of Personal Topics

Discussing topics such as children or grandchildren can easily help you determine the age of a candidate, even if that is not your intention. Keep it professional by steering clear of personal topics. Once a candidate is hired, of course, you can take the time to get to know them better, but during the interview process, only questions directly related to the job should be addressed.

Collaborate with Co-workers

Allowing at least one other person in on the hiring process helps to prevent age-related hiring biases. With multiple opinions having a say in the decision, it is much harder to let age play a factor and easier to come to a well-balanced decision.

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Is Your Company Culture Attracting Top Talent?

The value top talent brings to the table allows them to be able to be picky about who they work for. As a company that wants to attract top talent, you have to up your game. While salary, compensation, and benefits play an important part in a candidate’s decision to accept a position, an appealing company culture plays an even bigger part.

Follow these guidelines to make sure you are fostering an attractive company culture that the best candidates want to be a part of.

Job Responsibilities Should Have Meaning

Top talent has a strong desire to use the skills they have worked so hard to acquire. Ensure the job responsibilities are designed to make good use of the candidate’s skills. In other words, a candidate who has a great deal of experience in marketing strategies should not be in the role of a receptionist taking phone calls all day.

Offer Career Advancement Opportunities

Be transparent about opportunities to advance within the company and layout clear road maps so that candidates understand what it takes to become a permanent employee. Highly sought after candidates are driven and focused. A position that gives candidates room to grow will not only attract top talent but encourage a feeling of company loyalty.

Implement Attractive Work Schedules

A schedule that has potential candidates working late nights and weekends regularly will not be an appealing aspect of your company’s culture. Employees need to know that you care about their personal lives and understand the need for a work-life balance. If unattractive hours are necessary from time-to-time, make sure the employee is compensated somewhere else in the schedule.

Provide Positive Feedback, Respect, and Appreciation

Make sure your company’s atmosphere is a positive one. Every team member, no matter the rank, should treat every employee with respect. Make sure employees receive positive feedback. Your team needs to hear about their positive accomplishments, not just the areas that need improvement. Recognition and appreciation go a long way in making employees happy. Remember to relay positive feedback to our recruiters. We will be sure to pass it along to our associate.

Foster Colleague Camaraderie

Let’s face it, sense colleagues spend at least 40 hours a week together, be sure to foster a sense of camaraderie within your company. It’s great if your employees are friends and hang out after work. Providing an environment in which your employees want to come to work and see each other is an important part of a great company culture.

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How You Should Be Motivating Your Employees for the New Year

A New Year means a new beginning. For many people, this means setting out to accomplish personal goals such as a new exercise or diet regimen. As a business owner or manager, a new year should also mean a new beginning for your company and your staff. Happy, motivated employees are more likely to perform better in the workplace and choose to stay long-term. How do you motivate your employees in 2020? Let’s take a look!

Set Measurable Goals with Rewards

Employees enjoy working for companies that strive to improve constantly. Company improvement shows your staff that the owners and managers care, which has a trickle-down effect and encourages employees to care as well. Set goals for the upcoming 2020 year that include your employees. Force them to have to think outside of the box and improve upon their skills. Establish milestones and rewards once each milestone is reached. For instance, if you break x number in sales by this point in the year, every employee will get a set amount of paid time off.

Provide Feedback to Your Staff

Most employees appreciate feedback. If they are doing a good job, they want to feel appreciated for doing so. If they aren’t, they want to know how to correct their problem areas. No one wants to find out two years down the road that they have been performing a particular task incorrectly the whole time. Meet with each member of your staff and discuss areas where they are excelling and areas that need work. This is also the time to discuss raises and bonuses if applicable.

Provide Ample Opportunity

Make sure your company is one that offers bright futures for their employees. Provide opportunities for growth by promoting from within. It’s not just enough to have the opportunities available. Make sure your employees can see the path to success within your company and that it is attainable!

Offer Opportunities for Further Education

Nothing motivates and shows your commitment to your employees quite like offering further training. You can host training sessions or pay for industry seminars, workshops, and classes. You can even pay for online courses in specific areas that will improve their skill set for your company.

Take the Hassle Out of Hiring

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4 Ways to Encourage Diversity in the Hiring Process for 2020

You’ve heard the old saying, “It takes all kinds.” This is very true for the workplace. Hiring a diverse team is essential to the success of your business. When most people think of diversity, they think of gender and ethnicity. However, diversity is so much more than that. It means hiring candidates with different skill sets, viewpoints, and backgrounds that will collectively make your company better as a whole.

Here are 4 ways to implement diversity in the hiring process for the upcoming year!

1. Ensure the Job Posting is Well-Balanced

Job postings can accidentally be geared towards a particular group. For instance, if you use words such as “assertive,” this is typically seen as a positive quality trait in a male candidate and not so much a female. Instead, use terms which encompass a large group of people such as:

    • “must possess strong leadership skills”
    • “exhibit the ability to work as a team”
    • “motivation to think outside of the box”

These phrases and terms are well-balanced without speaking to a specific sector of the workforce. Before making the job posting public, be sure the job description doesn’t unintentionally discriminate from the get-go and alienate well-qualified candidates who do not fit the typical stereotype.

2. Make Sure Your Interviewing Panel is Diverse

Create a diverse panel of interviewers that candidates can relate too. For example, do not just have interviewers who come from elite schools, or a panel of all men or women. Instead, include interviewers from a variety of backgrounds, different ethnicities, and both genders. This will increase the chances of every interviewee being able to connect with and relate to at least one member of the hiring panel.

3. Make a List of Qualities Needed in Candidates

Before you even begin reviewing resumes or scheduling interviews, make a list of the qualities needed in a candidate to perform the job successfully. This will help to remove any bias before you screen the candidates.

4. Remove Criteria that is Not Essential to Performing the Job Well

It is important to understand that first and foremost, you are selecting the candidate who has the qualities needed to perform the job well. Throw out non-essential criteria such as unrealistic amounts of experience, having to have graduated from specific schools, or coming from a particular background. Encourage applicants who do not exactly match the job requirements to apply still. You never know, you may end up with a diamond in the rough.

Take the Hassle out of Your Next Hire with one of the Leading Staffing Firms in Texas

A diverse team is a strong team. Increase the success of your company by striving for diversity in the hiring process using these 4 tips.

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Don’t Hire the Wrong Person!

The hiring process takes a great deal of time and resources. You must create a job description, post the opening, sift through countless resumes, and conduct interviews. Hiring the wrong person is the last thing you want to happen. Not only will you have to start the whole process over again, but it might take you some time before you can get rid of the wrong hire. Wrong hires can look phenomenal on paper and seem like the perfect fit during an interview. How do you differentiate between an excellent hire and a candidate who comes across well but has undesirable traits for your company?

Actions Speak Louder than Words

You should expect every candidate to come into an interview and talk about how qualified they are for the position. However, beware of candidates who embellish their credentials. You don’t want to hire someone on the basis that they can perform certain skills, only to find out they do not have the skills. Ask about specific accomplishments or jobs they’ve completed in the past that prove they do have the skills needed.

Look Beyond Hard Skills

Hard Skills are important, but so are soft skills. Ask questions in the interview that allow you to see what kind of employee the candidate will be. Find out if the candidate:

  • Works well with a team
  • Respects authority
  • Has the ability to be a leader when necessary
  • Has a desire to learn
  • Possesses a positive attitude

A candidate can have all of the hard skills required, but a lack of the right soft skills often means he or she is not the right fit for the position. Avoid asking the most common questions such as “Do you have a good work ethic?” that will only lead to canned answers.

Check References

Follow up an interview by checking references. This may seem like a hassle, but references can tell you a lot about a candidate so long as you ask the right questions. Suggestions include:

  • Asking how the candidate problem solves
  • How do they contribute to the work culture?
  • Ask employers if they would hire the candidate again
  • Specifically, ask the best and worst traits of the candidate

It may take a little bit of digging to get a reference to open up about the candidate you are calling about. However, it is well worth the effort and can help you confirm whether or not he or she is right for the position.

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Cutting Costs: How Working With a Recruiter Saves Our Clients Money

When first considering working with a recruiter, many companies hesitate. There are a few myths about recruiting partnerships – and one of the most daunting is the tale that a recruiter not produce better results than what you can do one your own with less cost.

When you work with the right recruiter for your needs, however, saving money is only the first of many benefits.

Your recruiter becomes a partner in hiring, unlocking access to stronger candidates and changing how you view the hiring process.

Here’s how the right recruiter will save you money:

Supercharging your hiring process.

Are you getting the attention of the best candidates? How often have you watched outstanding professionals walk away from your hiring process? How many of your top choices have said “thanks, but no thanks” to a job offer?

Recruiters specialize in knowing the industries they serve inside and out – and that means knowing what engages superstars in the hiring process and prompts them to say “yes!” to job offers or assignments (hint: it’s not always the salary). They also know which “passive candidates” aren’t actively looking for a job but would entertain an offer for an outstanding fit.

Shortening time to hire.

It cost your company money every day a position is open. Other staff must forego productive tasks to address the opening’s core responsibilities. Managers must put aside productive projects to deal with hiring, as well.

By shortening the length of time to hire, your recruiter helps you reduce the costs of lost productivity – without ever compromising on candidate quality.

Improving candidate quality.

Recruiters focus on building relationships. They do so because they find out what the client is needing including candidate’s skills, experience, cultural and personality fit.

When you hire candidates curated for your culture, the new employee’s learning curve is shorter. They have the skills and experience you need and the vision, values and approach to work that mesh easily with how you want things done.

Freeing you to focus on high-value tasks.

Scanning resumes, calling references, preparing job posting can be time-consuming. They’re all essential tasks for a good hire, but they also pull you away from the work that really impacts your company’s bottom line.

Your recruiter reduces the time you must spend on hiring tasks, so you can focus your attention on other important issues.

How Resource Staffing can help.

At Resource Staffing, our recruiters are committed to optimizing clients’ hiring processes, saving both time and money. Just give us a call and let us put our resources to work for you!


Contract-to-Hire vs. Direct-Hire – What’s the Difference and Why Should It Matter to You

A job is a job, right? Yes, this is true, but did you know there are different types of employment. Two of the most common types of employment are direct hire and contract-to-hire. It is important to understand what each means, the differences between the two and why it matters.

What is Contract-to-Hire?

An individual who is contract-to-hire does not work directly for the company, but rather works through a staffing firm for a specific amount time according to the contracting company’s needs. At the end of the established time period, the company can either establish a new contract, hire the employee full-time, or end the professional relationship. In most cases, contract-to-hire employees can convert to full-time positions if both parties agree it is the right fit.

What is Direct Hire?

A direct hire is an employee that is hired directly by a company. This type of employee does not work through a third party or on a contract basis. When an employee is hired directly by the company, they start out immediately on the company’s payroll instead of the staffing firm’s payroll.

What is the Difference Between Contract-to-Hire and Direct Hire?

It is important to understand there are significant differences between being a contract-to-hire employee and a direct-hire employee. Differences include:

  • Contract-to-Hires are typically contract positions, whereas direct hires are most commonly full-time positions.
  • Because direct hires are long term, the hiring process tends to be slower than positions which are contract-to-hire.
  • Contract-to-Hires are not eligible for company benefits, although they may be eligible for benefits through a staffing firm. Direct hires are eligible for company-offered benefits.
  • Being a contract-to-hire employee offers you the opportunity to vet a company before you commit full-timely.

Why Should it Matter to You?

When you start the job-hunting process, you should consider whether you are open to being a direct-hire candidate, contract-to-hire candidate or both. There are benefits to both and the decision depends on what you are looking for in the moment.

You might consider a contract-to-hire position if you are:

  • Looking for a contract position
  • Looking to vet a company before you commit
  • Testing the waters in a new career field

Choose the Leading Staffing Firm in Texas for Your Next Job Hunt

Whether you are looking for a company willing to direct hire or you prefer a contract-to-hire position, RESOURCE Staffing can help you. If you are looking to become a direct hire employee, our staff will work with you to make sure you are matched with a company that fits your needs and career goals. If contract-to-hire is more your cup of tea, RESOURCE Staffing offers great benefits when you choose to partner with us. Contact us today to meet with one of our dedicated specialists who can help you find the perfect job to fit your needs.

5 Ways to Help Your Recruiter Find Top Talent

It’s that time again! Time to find the perfect candidate to become your next team member! You’ve made the wise choice of working with a recruiter. How can you help your recruiter help you? Let’s look at five ways to help your recruiter find the best candidates.

1. Understand What You Are Looking for in Your Next Employee Beforehand

It is impossible to effectively recruit the type of candidates you are looking for if you aren’t sure of what you need. This doesn’t mean you need an extremely detailed list of the perfect person that you’re likely to never find. But you do need a general idea of the type of candidate who will best fit the position you are looking to fill. Take into consideration:

  • What type of work ethic are you looking for in a candidate?
  • What kind of work schedule will they need to be able to adapt to?
  • What kind of values do you need in a candidate for them to fit in well with your current team members?

2. Develop an Interview Strategy

The point of conducting interviews is to not only learn more about each candidate, but be able to compare candidates to each other. Coming up with an interview strategy beforehand will ensure you ask the right questions to gather enough information to make an informed decision.

3. Offer Incentives to Your Favorite Prospect

Good talent is a hot commodity. There’s an excellent chance you aren’t the only company courting an exceptional candidate. Be sure to have some type of perk or incentive to offer your favorite prospect. You don’t want to lose out on an exceptional employee due to being unprepared to offer incentive packages.

4. Act in a Timely Manner

You can rest assured your company isn’t the only company your interviewees have applied with. Allowing too much time to pass increases the risk that another company will snatch a good candidate right out from underneath you. Make sure you follow up with your top candidates in a timely manner.

5. Make Sure You Reach Your Entire Audience

Posting on job forums is a great way to reach those who are looking for a job. However, some of your best candidates may not be actively looking for jobs. Don’t forget about candidates that might be willing to make a move for the right opportunity.

Partner With One of the Leading Staffing Firms in Texas to Work With the Best Recruiters

Finding the best candidates to fill positions in your company starts with working with one of the best staffing firms. When you partner with our recruiters at RESOURCE Staffing, you can rest assured you will work with knowledgeable experts who offer customized solutions to fit your needs. Contact us today and let us find your next team member!


Are Thank-You Notes After an Interview Overrated?

It is customary to write thank-you notes after your wedding, baby shower or even a birthday party. What about a job interview? At first glance, the practice of sending a thank-you note for a potential employer can seem cheesy and over-the-top. Not so fast! Did you know it is customary to send a thank-you note following an interview? A thank-you note can be more than just showing gratitude to a hiring manager for their time. Let’s take a closer look at why sending thank-you notes are never overrated.

You Do Not Have to Use Snail Mail

Don’t worry about buying stationery and licking envelopes. Even though snail mail is an option, thank-you notes can be as simple as an email or even as unique as a postcard. The advantage to email is your note will reach the interviewer immediately.

Show Your Appreciation for the Interviewer’s Time

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Thank-you notes do just that. After all, the hiring manager was interested enough to take time out of their busy schedule to give you an interview. Acknowledging this time shows a lot about your character.

Reiterate Your Interest in the Position

Thank-you notes are a great way to reinforce your interest in the position you interviewed for. It shows employers you are serious enough about the position to follow up on the job.

Showcase Your Skill Set

Sending a thank-you note is also useful for reiterating your skillset and why your experience makes you a perfect fit for the position. You do not know how many candidates were interviewed after you, so sending a thank-you note can be the perfect way to ensure you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Helpful Tips on How to Nail a Thank-You Note

Following up with a thank-you note can be the difference between getting hired and continuing the job hunt. This is especially true if there are multiple suitable candidates. A couple of helpful tips:

  • Make sure you personalize the thank-you note in a way that lets the interviewer know you didn’t just copy and paste it.
  • Even though you want to showcase your qualifications, avoid coming across as arrogant.
  • Be sure you show your appreciation first, before selling yourself.
  • Keep the note short and concise. Employers are not interested in reading long emails that ramble.

A Staffing Firm Can Make Sure You Get It Right

As one of the staffing firms in Texas, Resource Staffing has years of experience helping qualified talent apply for jobs, nail the interview process and land the job. Contact us today and let us help you take the hassle out finding your next job.

Why Should I Partner With a Staffing Firm?

Finding qualified talent to either replace a full-time employee or fill in in a pinch can be difficult and cause a strain on resources. Partnering with a staffing firm allows you to focus on running the other aspects of your business and leave the legwork to the professionals who have access to a large database of qualified talent.  

Save Time and Money 

High turnover rates and substandard employees cost your company both time and money. Finding and training a replacement employee can be a long drawn-out process that puts a drain on your resources. Partnering with a staffing firm saves you both time and money by: 

  • Not having to worry about creating job postings and interviewing candidates. 
  • Eliminating the need to read countless resumes.  
  • Conducting all the legwork for you, thereby reducing costs. 
  • Peace of mind knowing you are receiving vetted, quality talent. 

Flexibility When You Need It Most 

There are times when your company may be short-staffed due to employees being on: 

  • Vacation 
  • Medical Leave 
  • Maternity Leave 
  • Special Projects 
  • Peak Periods 

Staffing firms are able to quickly provide your company with qualified talent that can come in and cover a shortage. This ensures your full-time employees do not become stressed or burned out during peak periods or special projects. 

Access to a Large Pool of Experienced Talent 

Finding the right talent can be difficult. When you team up with a staffing agent to find your next employee, you have access to talent you wouldn’t otherwise be able to find. In addition, agencies have pools of candidates who are anxiously awaiting their next career opportunity and have been thoroughly vetted by the firm.  

Trial Run Before Committing to a Candidate 

The best way to get to know a potential new hire is to see them in action. Staffing firms offer trial periods before you offer an employee a full-time position. This way you can see for yourself how the new employee fits in with your company’s culture. 

  • Does the contract employee have the work ethic desired?  
  • Do they have a good attitude?  
  • Will they fit in well long-term with your company’s culture? 

Make Running Your Company Easier by Partnering With One of the Leading Staffing Firm in Texas 

Employees are the foundation of your company. Making sure you hire the right talent at the right time is crucial to the success of your business. RESOURCE Staffing has years of experience matching the right candidates with the right employers. We will take the time to learn the time to learn the needs of your business and find talent to meet those needs. Partner with us today and eliminate the hassle of finding qualified candidates.