How to Prepare for Your First Day as a Model Home Greeter

You applied and sent in your resume, you were interviewed by phone, attended a professional model home attendant training session, and are now preparing for your first day as an attendant in an actual model home. This is very exciting!  First days on a new assignment can seem intimidating until you settle into your general duties, understand the Sales Counselor and Resource Staffing’s expectations.  What can you do to make sure you are prepared for your first day as a model home attendant? Let’s take a look! 

Have your Information Ready 

Once you receive your confirmation sheet, be sure to contact your Sales Counselor and introduce yourself a few days before your assignment. Once you have arrived in the model, email all those copied on the confirmation that you have arrived.         

Arrive early to the model home 

Arriving to work on time is an expectation and should be the norm not the exception.  To ensure you are ready to open on time you should arrive 5-7 minutes early.  This will allow you time to turn off the alarm, turn on the lights, and notify every one of your arrivalComplete a “walk through” and make sure the model is in order for guests. Make sure there are brochures on hand for guests, prepare additional brochures if needed before potential buyers arrive.  Read and become familiar with information provided in the model, be aware of what is standard vs. upgrade, locate the inventory price sheet, and locate the section map. This will help make you feel more acquainted with the builder. 

Listen to model home guests and ask plenty of questions 

Always stand and greet guests that have entered the model.  Ask opened end questions and get a feel for what the guests are looking for in a new home. Request the guests complete a registration card and make detailed notes on the back as you learn your guests needs in a new home 

Go Easy on Yourself 

This is your first day in a model home. It is understood you will not be perfect, you will not know how to do everything or where everything is located nor able to answer all the guest’s questions. Guess what? That’s OK. You will settle in quicker if you cut yourself some slack, absorb as much as possible and learn from any mistakes you make.  

Smile.. ..Smile …Smile 

You made it and finished the day! 

Ready to Become a Model Home Greeter? Let Resource Staffing Help! 

Whether you are retired, looking for a part-time job or looking to make a little extra money on the side, becoming a model home attendant is a great opportunity for those who love meeting new people. Browse our website for available positions in your as a model home attendants!