4 Ways to Give Back to Your Employees

Showing appreciation for hard work is important for the morale of your staff. Giving back to your employees will increase retention rate and improve productivity and efficiency in the workplace. The method you choose to give back to your team ultimately depends on what motivates them. Get to know your team and the rewards they value the most.

Let’s take a look at four ways companies can reward employees.

1. Everybody Likes to Eat!

Show your appreciation for a job well done by feeding your employees. Here are some ideas on how you can show your appreciation with food:

    • Treat your employees to lunch.
    • Cater a breakfast for your employees.
    • Furnish a variety of snacks in the break room or place a snack item on their desk with a note of appreciation.

2. You Can’t Go Wrong With Gift Cards

A variety of gift cards are a nice way to say “thank you”.  You can offer:

    • Prepaid gift cards
    • Restaurant gift cards
    • Retail store gift cards

3.Offer Monetary Rewards

A monetary bonus is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and will make your employees feel valued and properly compensated. You can offer monthly, quarterly or annual bonuses based on meeting certain goals or as friendly, healthy competition among your team.

4. Verbally Praise Your Employees

Take the time to explain why your employees are doing a good job. In many cases, employees just want their hard work acknowledged and to know they are appreciated. You will be surprised simple “Thank you for all you do” means a lot to a hard-working employee.

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