Social Media Sites to Turn to During Your Job Search

Chances are you are an avid social media user. You know how to post cute pictures of you and your furry friend and your best vacation moments. However, chances are also good that you’ve never thought of using social media in your job search. Social media are a great tool for professional networking and landing your next job. Let’s take a look at the top social media sites to turn to during your job search.


LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media site for those looking for jobs and recruiters searching for candidates. Network with professionals from all over the world in your field. Optimize your profile to exhibit your skillset and let recruiters know you are in the market for a position. Become a valuable part of the LinkedIn community by posting your leadership pieces as well as sharing and commenting on posts made by others.


Facebook works a little differently from LinkedIn. You can either search for open positions on Facebook Marketplace or join company groups and pages to network. It is very important to remember that when using Facebook to search for jobs, potential employers will have access to your personal profile page.


Twitter is an underestimated, powerful job-search platform because of its ability to facilitate communication between parties. However, it does not offer the opportunity to highlight your skills as other platforms do. For this reason, it is most effective when linked with another profile, such as your LinkedIn account. The best way to use Twitter is to follow professionals in your industry and post valuable information on your feed. Comment on and share tweets made by your peers to create a following and build your network.


Plaxo is not as well known as the previous three social media platforms but has real value to your job search. You can create a profile with your credentials, contact information, and what you are looking for. One of the best features that users appreciate is the ability to keep up with your contacts through an address book.

Bonus Tips!

Now that you know which social media sites to turn to, here are a few bonus tips to help you get off to the best start!

  • Remove all inappropriate posts from your social media accounts.
  • Use your real name. Hotbabe45 is not an appropriate username for networking with potential employers.
  • Completely fill out your profiles. When employers see that you aren’t dedicated to filling out your profile, they will assume you won’t be committed to a job.

One Last Tip!

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