Here Are 5 Signs That Your Team is Burned Out

Even the best supervisors will eventually have a team burn out, despite your best efforts. When it does happen, it is time to reevaluate workflow processes. When team members who are typically at the top of their game begin to act otherwise, it might be time to take a closer look at why. Here are five tell-tale signs that your team is burned out.

1. A Decrease in Productivity and Effort

Team members are no longer ahead of schedule or may be even missing deadlines. The work they are completing isn’t of the caliber it used to be. It may be sloppy, boring or unpolished.

2. Unusual Amount of Complaints

Even the pettiest of complaints are typically a sign of a larger problem festering. This is especially true of team members who are normally very content. Team members who are getting bent out of shape about the smallest things is a sign that they are burned out.

3. Seeming Disengaged

These team members will not only seem disengaged from their work, but their co-workers as well. They may still complete quality work on time, but you can tell their heart just isn’t in it. If not addressed, disengagement may lead to a lower quality of work.

4. Taking More Time Off

Team members may be absent from work and taking unexpected time off. These team members may even show up to work late or begin leaving early. They are burned out and desperately trying to find a balance.

5. Showing Increased Sensitivity in the Workplace

Staff members who are burned out are especially sensitive to feedback regarding their work. Even the most constructive criticism can leave team members feeling inadequate and insecure about their work and value with the company.

What Can You Do as a Supervisor?

As a supervisor, you want what is best for your employees. When you sense your team is burned out, it is important to meet with team members individually and as a group. Discuss the reasons for feeling burned out and how certain processes can be changed in order to restore positive energy and morale.

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