Are Thank-You Notes After an Interview Overrated?

It is customary to write thank-you notes after your wedding, baby shower or even a birthday party. What about a job interview? At first glance, the practice of sending a thank-you note for a potential employer can seem cheesy and over-the-top. Not so fast! Did you know it is customary to send a thank-you note following an interview? A thank-you note can be more than just showing gratitude to a hiring manager for their time. Let’s take a closer look at why sending thank-you notes are never overrated.

You Do Not Have to Use Snail Mail

Don’t worry about buying stationery and licking envelopes. Even though snail mail is an option, thank-you notes can be as simple as an email or even as unique as a postcard. The advantage to email is your note will reach the interviewer immediately.

Show Your Appreciation for the Interviewer’s Time

Everyone likes to feel appreciated. Thank-you notes do just that. After all, the hiring manager was interested enough to take time out of their busy schedule to give you an interview. Acknowledging this time shows a lot about your character.

Reiterate Your Interest in the Position

Thank-you notes are a great way to reinforce your interest in the position you interviewed for. It shows employers you are serious enough about the position to follow up on the job.

Showcase Your Skill Set

Sending a thank-you note is also useful for reiterating your skillset and why your experience makes you a perfect fit for the position. You do not know how many candidates were interviewed after you, so sending a thank-you note can be the perfect way to ensure you don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Helpful Tips on How to Nail a Thank-You Note

Following up with a thank-you note can be the difference between getting hired and continuing the job hunt. This is especially true if there are multiple suitable candidates. A couple of helpful tips:

  • Make sure you personalize the thank-you note in a way that lets the interviewer know you didn’t just copy and paste it.
  • Even though you want to showcase your qualifications, avoid coming across as arrogant.
  • Be sure you show your appreciation first, before selling yourself.
  • Keep the note short and concise. Employers are not interested in reading long emails that ramble.

A Staffing Firm Can Make Sure You Get It Right

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