Get it right the first time.

Since 1989, our professional recruiters have successfully partnered with employers to hire exceptional talent. Because we are a boutique, specialized staffing firm, we can take a hands-on approach – prioritizing quality over quantity. Our team is committed to your success.

With Resource Staffing you expect:

  • Flexible, customizable solutions that work for your business.
  • Tenured specialists knowledgeable in staffing best practices in their field of concentration.
  • Consistent service delivery and ongoing communication.
  • Expertise in the local talent market.



Add flexibility to your workforce with qualified and reliable temporary staff. Keep up with variable demands, avoid skill gaps and meet every project deadline.


Try a Resource Staffing employee at your location before making a hiring decision. Assess their skills on the job to get a full sense of how well they will fit into the organization.

Direct Hire

Improve your hiring results and increase retention. Our hands-on approach saves you time and keeps costs down while ensuring you hire the right person the first time.


When you elect to identify your own contract employees, Resource Staffing will assume employer responsibility including taxes, Workers’ compensation, unemployment benefits, and insurance.


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