Cutting Costs: How Working With a Recruiter Saves Our Clients Money

When first considering working with a recruiter, many companies hesitate. There are a few myths about recruiting partnerships – and one of the most daunting is the tale that a recruiter not produce better results than what you can do one your own with less cost.

When you work with the right recruiter for your needs, however, saving money is only the first of many benefits.

Your recruiter becomes a partner in hiring, unlocking access to stronger candidates and changing how you view the hiring process.

Here’s how the right recruiter will save you money:

Supercharging your hiring process.

Are you getting the attention of the best candidates? How often have you watched outstanding professionals walk away from your hiring process? How many of your top choices have said “thanks, but no thanks” to a job offer?

Recruiters specialize in knowing the industries they serve inside and out – and that means knowing what engages superstars in the hiring process and prompts them to say “yes!” to job offers or assignments (hint: it’s not always the salary). They also know which “passive candidates” aren’t actively looking for a job but would entertain an offer for an outstanding fit.

Shortening time to hire.

It cost your company money every day a position is open. Other staff must forego productive tasks to address the opening’s core responsibilities. Managers must put aside productive projects to deal with hiring, as well.

By shortening the length of time to hire, your recruiter helps you reduce the costs of lost productivity – without ever compromising on candidate quality.

Improving candidate quality.

Recruiters focus on building relationships. They do so because they find out what the client is needing including candidate’s skills, experience, cultural and personality fit.

When you hire candidates curated for your culture, the new employee’s learning curve is shorter. They have the skills and experience you need and the vision, values and approach to work that mesh easily with how you want things done.

Freeing you to focus on high-value tasks.

Scanning resumes, calling references, preparing job posting can be time-consuming. They’re all essential tasks for a good hire, but they also pull you away from the work that really impacts your company’s bottom line.

Your recruiter reduces the time you must spend on hiring tasks, so you can focus your attention on other important issues.

How Resource Staffing can help.

At Resource Staffing, our recruiters are committed to optimizing clients’ hiring processes, saving both time and money. Just give us a call and let us put our resources to work for you!