How You Should Be Motivating Your Employees for the New Year

A New Year means a new beginning. For many people, this means setting out to accomplish personal goals such as a new exercise or diet regimen. As a business owner or manager, a new year should also mean a new beginning for your company and your staff. Happy, motivated employees are more likely to perform better in the workplace and choose to stay long-term. How do you motivate your employees in 2020? Let’s take a look!

Set Measurable Goals with Rewards

Employees enjoy working for companies that strive to improve constantly. Company improvement shows your staff that the owners and managers care, which has a trickle-down effect and encourages employees to care as well. Set goals for the upcoming 2020 year that include your employees. Force them to have to think outside of the box and improve upon their skills. Establish milestones and rewards once each milestone is reached. For instance, if you break x number in sales by this point in the year, every employee will get a set amount of paid time off.

Provide Feedback to Your Staff

Most employees appreciate feedback. If they are doing a good job, they want to feel appreciated for doing so. If they aren’t, they want to know how to correct their problem areas. No one wants to find out two years down the road that they have been performing a particular task incorrectly the whole time. Meet with each member of your staff and discuss areas where they are excelling and areas that need work. This is also the time to discuss raises and bonuses if applicable.

Provide Ample Opportunity

Make sure your company is one that offers bright futures for their employees. Provide opportunities for growth by promoting from within. It’s not just enough to have the opportunities available. Make sure your employees can see the path to success within your company and that it is attainable!

Offer Opportunities for Further Education

Nothing motivates and shows your commitment to your employees quite like offering further training. You can host training sessions or pay for industry seminars, workshops, and classes. You can even pay for online courses in specific areas that will improve their skill set for your company.

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