How Should You Encourage a Work-Life Balance for Employees?

Promoting a healthy work-life balance for your staff is mutually beneficial. Employees who feel like they have the time and flexibility to enjoy life are also happier and more productive in the workplace. Ready to encourage a work-life balance within your company?

Follow These Tips to Implement a Work-Life Balance for Your Team

Ask Your Team What They Need

Establish an open line of communication with your employees. Explain your desire to create a culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance. Ask for their input on what policies they would like to see put in place to achieve this goal.

Offer Time to Exercise During the Work Week

Exercise is not only great for your health, but releases endorphins, lowers stress and improves your mental health. Whether it is an in-house facility or a nearby gym, consider offering your employees the ability to go at least once or twice during the workweek on the clock.

Promote Time Off

Time off is important to avoid employee burnout, relieve stress, and spend much needed time with family and friends. Acknowledge that you understand the importance of time off. Encourage employees to take time off and enjoy themselves. Unless it is an emergency, do not contact employees when they are on paid time off.

Offer Flexible Hours

If your company can do so, offer your employees flexible work hours. For instance, if a member of your team has a child who is in a school play, allow your employee to attend their child’s play. The employee will understand if you ask them to come in earlier or stay later to make up the time if necessary.

Make Sure Over-Time is Not the Norm

Your employees will understand that sometimes over-time is necessary. Just make sure not to abuse it. Only ask for overtime if it is critical to getting a project completed. Employees who are asked to work overtime consistently will become burned out and frustrated at the fact that they are missing out on time with their family and friends.

Find the Right Talent That Fits your Company Culture

Encouraging work-life balance in the workplace is a growing trend that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. The best way to implement this type of culture is to lead by example. When it comes time to find your next team member that fits in with your work culture, partner with one of the leading staffing firms in Texas. Resource Staffing has over 30 years of experience finding the right candidate to fit your personnel needs! Speak with one of our staffing specialists today!


Is Your Company Culture Attracting Top Talent?

The value top talent brings to the table allows them to be able to be picky about who they work for. As a company that wants to attract top talent, you have to up your game. While salary, compensation, and benefits play an important part in a candidate’s decision to accept a position, an appealing company culture plays an even bigger part.

Follow these guidelines to make sure you are fostering an attractive company culture that the best candidates want to be a part of.

Job Responsibilities Should Have Meaning

Top talent has a strong desire to use the skills they have worked so hard to acquire. Ensure the job responsibilities are designed to make good use of the candidate’s skills. In other words, a candidate who has a great deal of experience in marketing strategies should not be in the role of a receptionist taking phone calls all day.

Offer Career Advancement Opportunities

Be transparent about opportunities to advance within the company and layout clear road maps so that candidates understand what it takes to become a permanent employee. Highly sought after candidates are driven and focused. A position that gives candidates room to grow will not only attract top talent but encourage a feeling of company loyalty.

Implement Attractive Work Schedules

A schedule that has potential candidates working late nights and weekends regularly will not be an appealing aspect of your company’s culture. Employees need to know that you care about their personal lives and understand the need for a work-life balance. If unattractive hours are necessary from time-to-time, make sure the employee is compensated somewhere else in the schedule.

Provide Positive Feedback, Respect, and Appreciation

Make sure your company’s atmosphere is a positive one. Every team member, no matter the rank, should treat every employee with respect. Make sure employees receive positive feedback. Your team needs to hear about their positive accomplishments, not just the areas that need improvement. Recognition and appreciation go a long way in making employees happy. Remember to relay positive feedback to our recruiters. We will be sure to pass it along to our associate.

Foster Colleague Camaraderie

Let’s face it, sense colleagues spend at least 40 hours a week together, be sure to foster a sense of camaraderie within your company. It’s great if your employees are friends and hang out after work. Providing an environment in which your employees want to come to work and see each other is an important part of a great company culture.

Let One of  the Leading Staffing Firm in Texas Find Top Talent for Your Company

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How Can I Effectively Bring a Temp Into the Company Culture?

Gone are the days when contract staffing meant a placeholder to take care of the busywork until a full-time replacement was hired. Today, it means so much more. Not only is the length of contract employment positions increasing, but the movement towards career freedom is causing freelance and gig work to become ever more popular.

Oftentimes this means contract employees are just as qualified as full-time staff and have the potential to be a real asset to your team. It starts with how you immerse them in your company’s culture. Let’s take a look at how you and your team can make sure you are making the most out of your contract positions.

Make Sure Supervisors and Full-time Employees Interact With Contract Employees

Sticking contract employees in the corner to do busy work isn’t really going to benefit your business. Make sure your permanent team is interacting with all employees. A few ways to accomplish this include:

  • Put contract employees on one of your project teams.
  • Pair contract employees with seasoned employees for training purposes.
  • Make sure the contract employees offices, desks or stations are comparable to the rest of the staff and not isolated.

Invite Contract Employees to Company Events

Make your contract employees feel like a part of the team by including them in company events including:

  • Celebratory dinners
  • Conferences
  • Banquets
  • Conventions
  • Holiday parties

Events outside of work are a great way for your employees to connect and build a sense of camaraderie without the stresses of the office. Including contract employees in these events will help unify your team.

Allow Contract Employees to Become Immersed in the Company Culture

Invite contract employees to meetings. Fill them in on the company’s goals, strategies and plans. It may seem like it doesn’t matter since they will only be there temporarily, but the truth is, an employee who is there only three months still has the potential to make a huge impact on your company. Make sure it is a positive one.

Provide Contract Employees With the Same Means of Communications as Full-time Employees

For example, give contract employees keys and passcodes to be able to navigate the physical premises.

The same is true for online software. Constantly requiring a fellow employee login can feel diminishing.  It’s also important to make sure contract employees have their own email address and phone in order to communicate with other team members and supervisors in an efficient and professional manner.

Find the Right Contract Employee

As one of the leading staffing firms in Texas, RESOURCE Staffing understands finding the perfect contract employee is important to the success of your business. Our experienced specialists are dedicated to finding qualified matches to meet your company’s needs. Visit Resource Staffing today to find your next employee.