I Got a New Job! How Should I Leave my Current One?

Congratulations! You’ve landed the job or assignment of your dreams. Before you can focus all of your attention on your new position, you have to tie up loose ends at your current job, which includes informing your supervisor that you’ve found a new job and will be leaving the company.

Follow These 6 Tips to Leave Your Current Position Without Burning Bridges

Ask to Talk with Your Supervisor In-Person

A phone call, email, or worse, a text message that you are leaving will not cut it. You need to ask to speak with your boss in his or her office. This exhibits professionalism and shows that you have respect for both your supervisor and your position.

Explain Your Reason for Leaving

Your supervisor will want to know why you are leaving, and rightfully so. Frame your reasons for leaving in a positive way. Discuss why the new job is step-in the right direction for your career and personal life. Maybe you will have a schedule that is more conducive to your family’s lifestyle, a pay raise, or better benefits. Whatever the reason may be, express gratitude for the opportunity and make sure that you do not bash your current position, supervisor, or company.

Give at Least a Two-Week Notice

Nothing will leave a bitter taste in your employer’s mouth quicker than leaving without notice. Make sure to give at least a two-week notice. If you’re working on a big project, it might be advisable to give more of an advanced notice so that you can see the project through and not leave your team hanging.

Offer to Help Transition a New Employee

Show your appreciation to your supervisor by offering to help train and transition the person who will take your place. Even if your boss does not take you up on it, he or she will certainly appreciate the gesture.

Make it Official

Many employers require a formal letter of resignation. It is easier if you already have one prepared beforehand to give to your supervisor.

Be Prepared to Leave Immediately

In some cases, your employer will go ahead and ask you to pack up your things and leave. This may be because of confidentiality or cannot fill the empty position until you have left. In this case, they would rather get started on the hiring process as soon as possible.

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