Prepare for Your Next Contract Job Interview With These Questions

Interviews can seem intimidating at first. What questions are going to be asked, and how do I answer these questions effectivelyIt is important to understand the nature of a temp job involves flexibility and the ability to adapt quickly to new environmentsThis is your guide to preparing for your next job interview. 

Here are common interview questions asked during temp job interviews and how you should approach them.  

What Length oTime Are You Available tWork This Position? 

This can be a tricky question because contract positions often have the potential to turn into long-term positions. It is a fine line because you do not want to seem uninterested in a full-time position, but at the same time need to convey you are content with a contract position. Explain to the interviewer you are dedicated to working the job as long as needed, you are open to a long-term position should it become available.  

Why Are You a Good Fit for This Position? 

When interviewing for long-term position, you typically discuss your interest in the company and how your values and goals align with theirs. However, in an interview for a contract position the focus should be on the specific job duties. Employers need talent that is able to jump in and fill the void with minimal training. Make sure you have read the duties listed in the job description and directly address each one in your answer.  

Why Are You Interested in a Contract Position?  

This question allows you to explain your future career goals. Maybe you want to gain additional skills in a certain skill set or industryMake sure your answer doesn’t shut the door on any long-term positions with the company you are interviewing with 

How Do You Handle New Environments? 

The bottom line is contract positions require candidates to be able to assimilate to new environments quickly. Explain you enjoy working with new people and are quick to adapt to how different companies operate. You quickly and efficiently learn the best way to perform your job duties 

When Are You Able to Start? 

Employers looking to fill contract jobs want candidates who can start immediately. Make sure you emphasize your immediate availability and even flexible work schedule. You will be more appealing as a candidate if you are willing to work outside of the normal 9 to 5.   

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