7 Styles of Management & What Will Work for You

We’ve all been in the position where we like our supervisor but can’t handle their management style. Managing may seem straight forward, but when you are dealing with a staff made up of different personalities, it can get tricky fast. You want to make sure the job is done correctly while maintaining a positive atmosphere and high morale among your employees. Let’s take a look at seven management styles and what will work for you.

Directive Management

Managers who prefer a direct management style make it clear they are the boss and their staff answers to them. The boundaries are very clear. It is not a democracy. They keep a close eye on their staff’s work and make all the decisions.

Inspirational Management

If you choose this type of management style, you are not as involved with the day-to-day activities. Your goal is to make sure your team is on the same page and aligned with the company’s goals. In essence, you convey to your team the overall vision of current projects and let them have the creative freedom to bring them to fruition.

Transactional Management

This management style focuses on using rewards and benefits to motivate your staff. For example, you might have a reward for the member who makes the most sales each month. The rewards you choose will depend on what is feasible for your company and what motivates your team.

Coaching Management

This type of management style means you spend a great deal of time supporting and coaching your team. You have a very hands-on approach and know their jobs just as well as they do. This is a lead-by-example approach to management. Employees see you as a mentor rather than a dictator.

Pacesetting Management

The idea behind this style is to set a challenging pace for your team and expect them to keep up. Normally you are trying to outdo yourself by reaching bigger goals.

Participative Management

In this style of management, you make sure everyone’s opinion gets heard and take it into consideration. You run your team like a democracy. While you are still the final decision maker, it is more of a collaborative effort among you and your team.

Laissez-Faire Management

This is the most hands-off management style. Once you’ve briefed your team on the project and the intended goal, you do not interfere unless something goes wrong. This management style gives employees the most creative freedom in the workspace.

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