How Can I Explain the Gap in My Resume?

It is common knowledge that an employment gap in your resume may send up red flags with future employers.  However, people take leave of absence from the workforce for perfectly good reasons. If the gap must be included on your resume, the key to making it a non-issue is handling it correctly during an interview. There’s no need to throw in the towel on landing a great contract opportunity just because there is a gap in your employment history. Let’s take a look at how you can explain an employment gap.

Be Up Front About Why You Took Time Off

Honesty is the best policy on this one. Reasons for taking time off:

  • Raised your kids
  • Took care of an ill or elderly loved one
  • Went back to school
  • You were laid off and had difficulty finding a new job

Whatever the reason is, explain it clearly in your interview. If you were laid off, explain why it was necessary and unavoidable even though you were a valuable part of the team.

Emphasize Why Your Skill Set Suits You for This Job

Maybe you’ve taken additional classes and expanded your skill set. This is the time to emphasize how these additional classes and skill sets will make you a better employee and how it will benefit their company. Be sure to mention any volunteer work that is relative to the position.

Show Enthusiasm for Returning to the Workforce

Employers love employees who want to work and are dedicated to doing the best job possible. Make sure you show your excitement for returning to work. Express initiative and motivation for the potential job at hand.

Have References Handy

If possible, have references from previous supervisors handy. This will confirm not only your skill set, but prove you are the type of employee you claim to be. More likely than not, having professional references will make the issue of the gap on your resume a non-issue very quickly.

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