Can’t Make Your Interview? Here’s How to Reschedule

You landed an interview for the position you’ve been dreaming of with one of the most highly sought-after companies in the city! You’ve spent countless hours preparing only for a situation to arise that forces you not to be able to make your interview. Have no fear! The chances are excellent that you will be able to reschedule your much-anticipated interview without hurting your chances of landing the job.

No Harm, No Foul! Here’s How to Reschedule Your Interview

Alert the Recruiter At the Branch As Soon As Possible

Inform your recruiter as soon as you know that you may have an unavoidable conflict. He or she is much more likely not to hold it against you and allow you to reschedule if you act promptly and professionally.  Resource Staffing allows candidates to reschedule one time.

Reschedule Quickly

Do not waste any time rescheduling your interview. This will show the recruiter that you are still very much interested in the position, and the need to cancel your original interview was unavoidable. Failure to reschedule promptly could end in a missed opportunity.

Explain Your Reason for Rescheduling

Simply saying that you are not able to make your original interview won’t cut it. You need to have an exceptional reason for needing to reschedule. Depending on the circumstances, you can offer to provide official documentation to prove the authenticity of your situation further.

Apologize and Express Gratitude

Never underestimate the power of an apology. Apologize to the recruiter for the inconvenience, either over the phone or through a thoughtful email. Express sincere gratitude for the ability to reschedule the interview and still be considered for the position.

Reiterate Your Interest in the Position

When rescheduling your interview, make sure you express your sincere interest and excitement about the position you are interviewing for. Briefly explain in a short sentence or two why you have such a high interest in the position.

Is There Anything More You Can Do?

When speaking with the recruiter, ask if there is anything else you can provide in the mean-time, such as updated assessment scores, references, etc. This shows that a failure to make the original interview is not due to a lack of effort or interest on your part.

Take a Deep Breath

Things are bound to come up, and even interviewers understand this. The need to reschedule doesn’t mean you’ve lost your chance at the position. It is all in how you handle the situation.

Ready to Land Your Dream Job?

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