Why is December the Best Time of Year to Make a Job Change?

Are you ready to make a job change, but think it would best to wait until after the holidays? Don’t jump on that bandwagon just yet. While the common assumption is that companies don’t hire, recruiters are out of the office, and there aren’t any open positions during December, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. December is the best time of year to look for a new job, and this post explains why!

There are More Job Opportunities

That’s right! You may think as the holidays approach, job openings would be in short supply. The opposite is true. This is the time of the year when hiring mangers find out how much excess they have in their budget.

Less Fierce Competition

Most people take a hiatus during the holidays from their job search. They are focused on holiday festivities and assume that hiring managers and recruiters are doing the same. However, this is not the case. Hiring decisions are made during the holiday season, recruiters are working hard to place candidates with great companies, and you are likely to face less competition if you choose to make a job change during December.

Your Resume Will Receive More Attention from Recruiters

Being that most people take a break to focus on holiday activities, recruiters experience a slow period of receiving applicants from candidates. This means that recruiters will place more focus on your resume in their efforts to find the best candidates for companies who are in a pinch to hire new employees.

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