Beat the Sunday Blues with These Tips!

What is that feeling of dread and anticipation that creeps up on your days off? This is known as the Sunday blues and is the nickname given to anxiety that plagues you before the beginning of the workweek. This typically occurs on Sunday, hence the name, although it can happen on any day off. Do not let the Sunday blues ruin your free days.

Kiss Sunday Blues Goodbye with These Fun Tips

Plan a Fun Activity for Sunday

Make it a Sunday fun day. Consider going on a hike, catching a movie, participating in a yoga session, antiquing, or anything else that seems enjoyable. The secret is to already have plans in place before Sunday arrives, this way when you wake in the morning, you have something to look forward to instead of dwelling on the looming workweek.

Move Chores to the Work Week

Set aside your days off as a time for relaxation, family, friends, and fun. Do your best to move as many chores and errands as you can to the workweek, so that you do not feel like you are working on the weekends as well.

Tip: Break your chores into smaller pieces that you can accomplish throughout the week.

Indulge Monday Morning

Monday morning doesn’t have to be the end of your weekend. Make your weekend carry over into Monday morning. Grab breakfast from your favorite spot, enjoy a workout session, or indulge in a coffee from your preferred coffee shop and get your week off on the right start!

Unplug Over the Weekend

When your work week is done, make a pact with yourself to unplug from your work. Do not check your email or work on projects that could otherwise wait until Monday. Taking a breather from work will allow you to become rejuvenated and more productive in the workweek to come.

Change Your Perspective

Part of beating the Sunday blues is to change your perspective. Do not go into the weekend worried about the impending workweek. Instead, view your time off as an opportunity to take care of yourself. Relax, unwind, and do the activities that you enjoy the most.

When it Is More Than the Sunday Blues

The Sunday blues can happen to anyone from time-to-time, but when it seems like more, it may be time to find a new job. When you’re ready to start your next adventure and kick the Sunday blues for good, let Resource Staffing help you in your job hunt. As one of the premier staffing firm in Texas, we are experts in matching your skills with the perfect job, helping you fine-tune your resume, and help prepare you for your interview. Browse open positions now!

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