Michael E.

Very friendly employees easy to communicate with and have questions answered. Always responds quickly with answers to any questions.

Irene G.

Everyone is always so nice and helpful when dealing with the staff at Resource. Tracy reached out via a telephone call to see how I was doing after a very bad accident I had on the freeway. I missed two days of work, but she was so nice to call me and check up on me. Very caring. Everyone is always so nice and helpful when dealing with the staff at Resource.

Carol D.

I’ve recommended Resource Staffing to others numerous times, and they were hired and remain working to this day. I recommended Resource Staffing to someone just last week and I’m sure I will continue to do so.

Antianete T.

I have worked here for over 3 years and I have the utmost love and appreciation for this company. It has been a lifesaver to me and my family

Sharlene S.

I’ve worked as a model home attendant 17 years and have always received positive results from the staff I’ve worked with.

Maria M.

They found me something that really suited my personality and the type of work I like and they found it fast!

Margarita R.

I have been with RS for years & have great clients. The office staff are helpful, polite, encouraging. Love my recruiters & clients.

Irma A.

I’ve enjoyed working with my recruiter, and if I have any questions they are there to help.

Amanda B.

Resource Staffing provides a variety of positions for jobseekers; they are able to help a multitude of people become employed under an agency that is organized and well established.

Mariam N., Platinum Pools

Resource Staffing’s team has not let me down once with our staffing needs. The staff responds very quickly and with details. They understand our culture and the positions we have open and provide candidates the fit it well. They have given me comfort in knowing I can trust their recommendations for our staffing needs. They are always available to assist and have a conversation. They work really hard to support us and it shows.