How Can RESOURCE Staffing Help Me Find a Job? 

There are countless avenues employers use to post job openings. This leaves you with the cumbersome task of having to navigate through what can seem like hundreds of different platforms searching for the perfect job. With so many options, how do you get your resume in front of the right employers and find your next job as quickly and efficiently as possible? RESOURCE Staffing is the leading staffing firm in Texas… Read more »

How Can I Effectively Bring a Temp Into the Company Culture?

Gone are the days when contract staffing meant a placeholder to take care of the busywork until a full-time replacement was hired. Today, it means so much more. Not only is the length of contract employment positions increasing, but the movement towards career freedom is causing freelance and gig work to become ever more popular.… Read more »

Tips for Success Series: Creating an Elevator Pitch

Interviews can seem intimidating at first. How do you convey to a stranger why you are perfect for the position? There’s no need to fear! With a little preparation, you can rest assured you will walk into your next interview with the tools needed to be successful. One necessary tool is an elevator pitch. This… Read more »

9 Reasons to Take a Contract Position

Job seekers often steer clear of contract positions due to the stigma often attached to them. Contract jobs can be seen as unstable and time constricting. It’s time to debunk this myth! The truth of the matter is that contract jobs are extremely advantageous and can catapult your career! Let’s take a look at nine… Read more »