Tips for Success Series: Be Open to New Opportunities

It is no secret that most people who are on the job hunt are looking for careers that are long term, in their area of expertise and offer realistic opportunities for advancement. However, like life, your career can be a series of stepping-stones. It will serve you well to be open-minded to job opportunities that may not exactly fit the bill you are looking for but may lead you where you want to go. Let’s take a look at new opportunities you should keep your eyes peeled for.  

Take the Contract Position 

The term contract employment has a stigma for instability. After all, you are looking for a long-term position you can advance in and build a career. However, contract employment has changed significantly over the years. Little-known facts about contract employment include: 

  • Contract positions are often at least three months in duration. Sometimes they can even last six months to one year.  
  • Oftentimes, contract positions lead to full-time positions. 
  • Contract positions are a great way for employers to vet potential candidates before committing to full-time decisions.  

Part-Time Employment Has Its Perks 

As with contract employment, part-time employment can be seen as less than ideal, due to the fact that by definition it does not offer long-term stability. Part-time employment can be a good stepping-stone into a full-time position, however.  

  • Part-time employment is a great way to network and meet new people in the industry.  
  • You can figure out if you fit in with the company’s culture and values. 
  • Affords you the time to keep looking for your dream career. 

Embrace a New Career Field 

Be open to the idea of taking opportunities that may be outside of your comfort zone. Do not be so quick to turn down a job offer outside of your career field. Taking a position outside of your career field can be helpful because: 

  • You may find a new passion or path to your dream career.  
  • You will develop a new skill set. 
  • Your professional network will be broadened. 
  • Your resume will be more well-rounded.  
  • Learning new things can be fun and exciting! 

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